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Chers tous,
J’ai grand grand plaisir a présenter la selection de Jez Proctor, s’agit il de la premiere contribution made in London? J’anticipe peut etre un peu mais je sens bien que ca risque de ne pas etre la derniere…Jezzy Jez est tres grand et tres fort (pas du tout l’idee qu’on se fait de l’anglais malingre aux dents pourris) et la forme de ses yeux fait qu’on le croirait presque a la maison quand il mixe dans un bar a Tokyo, car oui messieurs dames JP fait danser Tokyo, Londres et si on l’invitait il viendrait faire groover Paris et on lui montrerait qu’on n’est pas les plus flasques sur la piste de danse. Comme maintenant je vous connais un peu, je sais qu’un coup d’oeil rapide a la tracklist vous aura deja convaincus du bon gout de l’animal et me dispensera de m’etendre plus avant dans les recommendations baveuses que ce type la m’inspire.
ps: je n’ai pas traduit ses petites phrases car il n’a pas tapé dans le vocable outrageusement complexe et je trouve ca tellement plus charmant en V.O
Ah oui aussi, je n’ai pas fait panpancucu parce qu’il a reduit a 15, il trouvait ses 17 titres trop longs et avait peur de depasser le tps imparti…
Miss Lansky

Bilal – Soul Sista

I first heard this about 10 years ago, being into Erykah Badu and D’Angelo I thought I had found another real modern soul talent.  But you don’t hear much about him these days and I am not really sure what happened to his career.  This track though is a real killer!

The Jack Wilson Quartet – Ramblin’
Taken from the album also called Ramblin’ this quartet features a very young Roy Ayers on Vibes!  Perfect music for staring out onto a rain storm…or watching the world go by…

Toto – Georgy Porgy
Some people might only know Toto for the mid 80s power-ballads and rock songs, but if you dig deep enough in their back catalogue you can find this little gem.  In fact the same goes for most bands, and most music – there is always one good track somewhere, so it is always a good idea to check everything – especially B-sides.

Archie Bell – Don’t Let love Get You Down
This one, and the one after goes out to my friend Rob.  An incredible DJ and selector who was at all the important parties with all the good DJs in London in the 80s and 90s.  He put me onto both of these tracks.  He lives and DJs in Tokyo now.

Isaac Hayes – Moonlight Lovin’
The first major acid house club in London did not actually play that much acid house – it hadn’t really been created yet!  But there was a lot of ecstacy flying around and love in the air.  Rob tells me that this track – although not house at all – was very popular there as Isaac sings about ecstacy…

Demon Fuzz – Disillusioned
With the cover that this record has got, if you see it you really have to pick it up anyway.  And if you do and play the whole thing you will find a mix of sounds from Santana to Sly Stone, Latin percussion and Afro rhythms flowing through prog rock and jazz vocals.  A crazy album in many ways, and quite hard to find in the 1970 pressing – I just got lucky the day I was working in the record shop and a customer brought it to sell.

Gil Scott Heron – Gun
From his 1981 album ‘Reflections’, this is the stand out track for me.  The whole album is good if you can find it.  Most people will know tracks like The Bottle and The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.  With a new album by GSH just released on XL records I hope a whole new generation will dig back and find and love Gil’s records.

Nancy Ames – Eso Beso
Something to lighten the mood a little.  This is the soundtrack to many a long car drive in the summer with the windows down.  Hoping to encourage this awful Winter to move on and let the Spring and Summer start so the sun can come out again.

Fela Kuti – Roforofo Fight
And then straight back in to the jazzy deepness! So many Fela Kuti tracks to choose from, but I went with this one.  One of the tracks that I used to dance to in a World music club in Brixton when I was still in school.  The club was called The Mambo Inn and played music from all across the world.  I had some brilliant nights in there, dancing until the morning came.  I met the original DJ a few years ago and got the chance to thank him for introducing me to such music and widening my tastes.

A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God
Oh. My. God.  ‘Nuff said really!  For those old enough to know the Midnight Marauders LP this will bring back memories.

Eternal Sun – 6/8 Drumz (Pathless Remix)
This came out on Talkin’ Loud, Gilles Peterson’s record label in the mid ’90s.  I think it still sounds fresh today.  Picking up the tempo of the mixtape for the last little section…

Isolee – Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Five Remix)
The original of this came out on Playhouse in 1999 and sounded so different from what anyone else was doing it really made a name for Isolee.  But not many DJs had the courage to actually play the original in a set.  Is it house?  Is it techno?  The drums aren’t very loud…etc  Then when this remix was issued it really crossed-over.  Which soon made the track an anthem for clubs across Europe.

Erot – Song For Annie
Tore Andreas « Erot » Kroknes was one of the house scene’s most promising artists in the late 90s and early 00s. His pioneering deep, dubby sound was well documented on releases such as this one. Erot was part of the Tellé label as well as being their in-house designer (the Tellé logo and all the early sleeves were done by him).  Tore suffered from heart problems from birth, and tragically, this eventually demanded his life; in April 2001, he passed away after a prolonged illness.

Eddie Kendricks – Thanks For The Memories (Doug Lee edit CDR)
A classic Philly disco tune given the Rong Music Doug Lee treatment.  This was done a few years ago and I don’t think it ever got released on 12″ so a little treat for listeners of compilfight…

Micah – Revelation
And so, as with all mixtapes, the slow track to bring the session to a close.  I hope you enjoyed listening, I certainly enjoyed putting these together for you.  Many thanks to Miss Lansky and the compilfight crew for inviting me to share a few records with you.



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